Saturday, February 6, 2010

so..yesterday..(Saturday)as usual..had woke up at 6 something and got ready for school.then when i went to school the teacher started teaching blah blah blah..until recesss.that was rigth after our sports.i got no idea why i got a really bad head ache.maybe its cuz it was hot there in the i went back to class(took the stairs)and thank god the class was cold..i was so happy to sit at my place and let the air conditioner blow on my face until my classmates told me to go get my tangerines that ppl send.i saw one of it had my name on was from okay i took it back to my place.but after that they called me again and i thought who would send me another tangerine?guess what.i went to get it and it was from the girl(jr1G)..then she walked by my class so i called her and told her to take it back.she seemed happy when i called her for god knows what reason.but who cares abt that.the point is.i told her to take it back but she was like "no!this is from me as a good friend blah blah blah"all those crap that i "NEEDED" to hear.and then she repeated what she said on friday and ruined my mood i thought okay u want me to keep it?i'll keep it.i threw it to the wall smashed it and kicked it around.until it was smashed.after that i wasn't in a good mood anymore(of course) so i thought that i wanted to read Zheng Hao's book some other time.i gave him back his book and he saw that i wasn't in a good mood.but he thought he ruined my mood so he thought he wrote something offensive in his anyway suyin came to my class and i packed my bag and went out with her.when we reached the bridge,we were with sean and elaine.i threw the tangerine down the bridge but too bad it dint get into the river.but instead it droped and smashed onto the road that's not complete.well,thats good we went back home and i had a head ache till bye~

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