Tuesday, February 2, 2010

today is sooooooo freaking hot!!!i woke up with neck pain AGAIN!!and when i got into the car,the maid forgot to bring my books to the car!FANTASTIC!and when i went to school,i was really sleepy but i had to spend 20 minutes going around the school trying to borrow the books that i left at home.but thank god in the end i borrowed some books from my friends..and at 7 30.as usual..class started and the teacher started blabbing for 3 periods.then,when it was history period,there was a class test!i prepared for it but i was too sleepy that i forgot everything that i read..TT.
after history test was recess..its really boring so i'll just skip to Miss.Anita's period.i LOVE Miss.Anita soo much cuz she's so funny.the class was very noisy(of course)and i think she got really pissed at the noisy humans so she kept saying that "quiet" will be the last word she says before she dies..== so she started telling us how much she also hated grammar and wants to have an agreement with us blah blah blah..after her period finished,it was back to all the boring classes..until music class.we went to the music room and saw ANOTHER different teacher..she looked really skinny.like a tree branch.[btw i hate the ppl that always show off their "piano skills" during music class.]
well school finaly ended.elaine sean suyin and me went to the van.on the way i saw the last person i wanted to see..== anyway we got into the car and became retards.when we reached home our mum wasn't there yet so we waited at the swimming pool.suddenly sean asked suyin a retarded question so she kept poking sean and sean was laughing like a retard(as usual).then i pulled his leg "fur" and went back home~
lazy to write more.so bye~

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